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Learing about the Fire animals through... Skulls!

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Learing about the Fire animals through... Skulls!

Post by The Flame on Sat Aug 08, 2015 11:47 am

So, today we will be learning about our fire creatures by their skulls! Wolves will be first.


With this image alone I can tell 4 things about the animal

It has eyes in front (That like to hunt)
It has a decent sense of smell.
It has a VERY strong bite
It likes to eat meat

Now from the bottom of the skull I can tell one more thing

It has great hearing.

That is something to keep in mind when making your wolf.


*Eyes in front
*Likes to eat meat
*Has a good bite
*Okay smell

*Has GREAT hearing


*GREAT smell
*Doesn't eat meat
*Eyes to the side (Likes to hide)
*Okay bite

*Good hearing


*Not a strong bite
*Good smell
*Eyes in front
*Likes to eat meat

You can tell with birds because seeds have shorter beaks. Now, Eagles also have great eyesight (Like, mindblowingly good) which you can't really tell from there.

Now it is a bit blurry but they don't have good hearing. (I had an eagle skull yesterday so I know)

The reason they don't have the greatest senses is because they focus on their sight.


Actually, the lion part has been covered by the cat, lets move to the goat

Well... Goat skull is pretty much a horse skull...

Snake skull... Actually can't tell much about it...

Other than the fact that I know it has a retractable jaw. But with snakes their jaw doesn't have much bone to go off of.


I just want to have some fun so here's our skull!

*Bad Smell
*Eyes forward
*Okay bite

*Not good hearing.

Kind of like the Eagle we sacrificed for sight

But that wasn't it

Look again at all of the head and compare the brain size to the head. Humans have the biggest brain compared to our body (Because then a whale would have the biggest brain). So, That's another reason why our senses are so dull.
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